Add missing global variable overlay_list
[portpeek.git] / portpeek
2011-10-13 Mike PaganoAdd missing global variable overlay_list v2.0.12
2011-09-29 Mike PaganoAdd support for category/* in package.use v2.0.11
2011-09-29 Mike PaganoHandle ::overlay in package.* files
2011-07-04 Mike PaganoSkip file processing if portpeek-skip found on comment...
2011-06-17 Mike PaganoSome minor perf. fixes, and unicode string replacement... v2.0.10
2011-02-06 Mike PaganoBetter detecting of masked tilde packages
2010-11-22 Mike PaganoPerfomance improvement and pkgcmp changes v2.0.9
2010-11-11 Mike PaganoFix keyword comparison bug v2.0.8
2010-09-13 Mike PaganoFix commit error v2.0.7
2010-09-13 rootAdd support for package.accept_keywords. Update man... v2.0.6
2010-09-01 Mike PaganoFix duplicate lines issue v2.0.5
2010-08-30 Mike PaganoRemove deprecated call to settings.pmaskdict v2.0.2
2010-04-21 Mike PaganoAddtional python3 porting v2.0.1
2010-04-21 Mike PaganoAddtional porting to python3 and catching new exception...
2010-03-29 Mike Paganotesting push v2.0.0
2010-03-29 Mike PaganoPorted to python 3.1
2010-03-28 Mike PaganoInitial commit v1.9 v1.9.36