2021-01-24 Mike PaganoSwitch to non-complex find. Bump version master v3.2.0
2020-09-03 Mike PaganoFix */* error, see bug: https://bugs.gentoo.org/740120 v3.1.5
2020-08-28 Mike PaganoFix bug in is_any_cpv_file_masked
2020-08-22 Mike PaganoUpdate copyright year
2020-07-30 Mike PaganoFix incorrect package masking logic v3.1.3
2020-07-24 Mike PaganoAdd support for notifying when a duplicate use flag is v3.1.2
2020-07-23 Mike PaganoSupport package.env v3.1.0
2020-07-20 Mike Paganobump version v3.0.1
2020-07-20 Mike PaganoAdd missing declarations
2020-07-20 Mike PaganoPerformance optimizations v3.0.0
2020-05-20 Mike PaganoIf the 't' (check tilde) option is not selected, v2.1.29
2019-10-06 Mike PaganoAdd tilde option to --help command
2019-05-23 Mike PaganoFixed incorrect options in both the man page and the...
2018-08-02 Mike PaganoFix portage api call from using deprecated parameters v2.1.27
2018-02-13 Mike PaganoHandle wildcard entries for useflags when no package... v2.1.26
2017-09-17 Mike PaganoIgnore python USE_EXPAND variables v2.1.25
2017-04-19 Mike PaganoRecognize USE_EXPAND in package.use. See bug #615998... v2.1.24
2017-02-27 Mike PaganoStop removing blank lines. Fixes bug #610734 v2.1.23
2017-01-26 Mike PaganoRemoved unneeded code. Bump version for next release.
2017-01-25 Mike PaganoFix for bug #606092, thanks to Derk for reporting and... v2.1.22
2016-12-06 Mike PaganoFix debug logging origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-12-04 Mike PaganoHandle unreadable files. Work on bug when parsing packa... v2.1.21
2016-01-12 Mike PaganoFix for =category/package-version* (asterick handling) v2.1.20
2015-07-23 Mike PaganoMake sure package even exists before seeing if it's... v2.1.19
2014-12-29 Mike PaganoFix redundant messaging v2.1.18
2014-12-29 Mike PaganoPortpeek was removing a masked package in package.unmas... v2.1.17
2014-10-03 Mike PaganoHandle slot in package.use v2.1.16
2014-09-26 Mike PaganoFix bug in package mask checking v2.1.15
2014-08-14 Mike PaganoFix atom checking on validation of packages v2.1.14
2014-07-24 Mike PaganoChange some colors of output
2014-07-24 Mike PaganoPreserve atom for output display. Clean up comment... v2.1.12 v2.1.13
2014-07-23 Mike PaganoMore formatting changes. Bump version
2014-07-23 Mike PaganoFix output color
2014-07-23 Mike PaganoFixed portpeek not removing unneeded entries from packa...
2013-08-07 Mike PaganoAdd < to special handling
2013-07-29 Mike PaganoTreat * wildcard like tilder v2.1.9
2013-07-10 Mike PaganoRework use flag check. Bump version.
2013-06-11 Mike PaganoFix pattern match. Bump version v2.1.8
2013-03-08 Mike PaganoFixed exception on package not in portage v2.1.7
2012-12-27 Mike PaganoBump version v2.1.6
2012-12-27 Mike PaganoChange output for package.use changes
2012-12-27 Mike PaganoHandle atoms v2.1.5
2012-12-16 Mike PaganoAlways add tilde to atom check v2.1.4
2012-12-15 Mike PaganoRefine package status checking v2.1.3
2012-12-15 Mike PaganoIgnore local config when checking mask status v2.1.2
2012-11-01 Mike PaganoRemove some bad debug lines which caused exceptions v2.1.1
2012-10-31 Mike PaganoMore updates for package.use. Handle packages in packag... v2.1.0
2012-10-31 Mike PaganoFixed handling of non-versioned packages for package...
2012-09-01 Mike PaganoBump revision v2.0.25
2012-09-01 Mike PaganoUse get_iuse instead of get_flags for package.use proce...
2012-05-15 Mike PaganoFixes for tilde handling v2.0.24
2012-05-11 Mike PaganoFix reference before assignment in parse_package_use v2.0.23
2012-04-22 Mike PaganoRefactor analysis of package.use packages with no atom v2.0.22
2012-04-20 Mike PaganoUnify colors for packages that are not installed.
2012-04-20 Mike PaganoChange one color and fix typo
2012-04-20 Mike PaganoHandle uninstalled package in package.use. Also, do...
2012-04-19 Mike PaganoFix confirmation of file fixing during check of package...
2012-04-17 Mike PaganoHandle if multiple spaces separate use flags in package.use v2.0.20
2012-02-07 Mike PaganoFix displaying of exceptions to console v2.0.19
2012-02-07 Mike PaganoHonor -q flag during use flag cleaning
2012-02-01 Mike PaganoAdd missing module and remove * from tilde query check v2.0.18
2012-01-04 Mike PaganoSupport python 2 raw_input v2.0.17
2011-12-20 Mike PaganoRemove line from package.use if no useflags remain... v2.0.16
2011-12-16 Mike PaganoAdd use flags checks in package.use file v2.0.15
2011-10-21 Mike PaganoUpdate man page for fix-confirm functionality v2.0.13
2011-10-21 Mike PaganoAdd parameter to ask the user for confirmation before...
2011-10-21 Mike PaganoFix line handling if package is not installed and conta...
2011-10-13 Mike PaganoAdd missing global variable overlay_list v2.0.12
2011-09-29 Mike PaganoAdd support for category/* in package.use v2.0.11
2011-09-29 Mike PaganoHandle ::overlay in package.* files
2011-07-04 Mike PaganoSkip file processing if portpeek-skip found on comment...
2011-06-17 Mike PaganoSome minor perf. fixes, and unicode string replacement... v2.0.10
2011-02-06 Mike PaganoBetter detecting of masked tilde packages
2010-11-22 Mike PaganoPerfomance improvement and pkgcmp changes v2.0.9
2010-11-11 Mike PaganoFix keyword comparison bug v2.0.8
2010-09-13 Mike PaganoFix commit error v2.0.7
2010-09-13 rootAdd support for package.accept_keywords. Update man... v2.0.6
2010-09-01 Mike PaganoFix duplicate lines issue v2.0.5
2010-08-30 Mike PaganoRemove deprecated call to settings.pmaskdict v2.0.2
2010-04-21 Mike PaganoAddtional python3 porting v2.0.1
2010-04-21 Mike PaganoAddtional porting to python3 and catching new exception...
2010-03-29 Mike Paganotesting push v2.0.0
2010-03-29 Mike PaganoPorted to python 3.1
2010-03-28 Mike PaganoInitial commit v1.9 v1.9.36