descriptionA helper program for maintaining the package.keyword and package.unmask files
last changeWed, 20 May 2020 18:06:41 +0000 (14:06 -0400)
2020-05-20 Mike PaganoIf the 't' (check tilde) option is not selected, master v2.1.29
2019-10-06 Mike PaganoAdd tilde option to --help command
2019-05-23 Mike PaganoFixed incorrect options in both the man page and the...
2018-08-02 Mike PaganoFix portage api call from using deprecated parameters v2.1.27
2018-02-13 Mike PaganoHandle wildcard entries for useflags when no package... v2.1.26
2017-09-17 Mike PaganoIgnore python USE_EXPAND variables v2.1.25
2017-04-19 Mike PaganoRecognize USE_EXPAND in package.use. See bug #615998... v2.1.24
2017-02-27 Mike PaganoStop removing blank lines. Fixes bug #610734 v2.1.23
2017-01-26 Mike PaganoRemoved unneeded code. Bump version for next release.
2017-01-25 Mike PaganoFix for bug #606092, thanks to Derk for reporting and... v2.1.22
2016-12-06 Mike PaganoFix debug logging origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-12-04 Mike PaganoHandle unreadable files. Work on bug when parsing packa... v2.1.21
2016-01-12 Mike PaganoFix for =category/package-version* (asterick handling) v2.1.20
2015-07-23 Mike PaganoMake sure package even exists before seeing if it's... v2.1.19
2014-12-29 Mike PaganoFix redundant messaging v2.1.18
2014-12-29 Mike PaganoPortpeek was removing a masked package in package.unmas... v2.1.17
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23 months ago v2.1.27 Tagging release 2.1.27
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2 years ago v2.1.25
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